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please tell me the way back to home

I have this headcanon in which if Mikasa dies Eren will wear her scarf everyday in her stead because it’s the last thing he will have left of home in the whole world and this makes me extremely sad but I drew it anyway im a terrible person

Woops… I got inspired. Ahahaha…

"Near the sea shore, there is a rumor that if one stays long enough they will see a strange young man with sad eyes the color of the sea and sky. At dawn he will come out to watch the stars wrapped up in a scarf colored velvet and lie on the shore rocks. Sometimes the man will simply sleep. Other times he will have an old book at hand and be reading.

The young man does not speak to strangers often. However, if a person stays long enough to keep him company he will offer up a steamed potato to them with a smile on his face. Many people have wondered if he lives on the coast for the sake of sea life. Although the young man allows for thick goggles to adorn his head, no one has ever seen him dive into the sea itself.

Perhaps the strange young man is homeless?

The unwraveling cream shirt he wears is much too small for his stature with sleeves already gone and his brown boots are a bit too loose. Even so, the strange young man still wears his goods as if it’s only natural of him with a tattered piece of white linen tied to his arm as if it were a badge of honor. The only item seeming to hold any value of trade is the blue jewel that hangs from his neck.

Rumor says that the young man is immortal. The first person that saw him was a young girl that had already died a century ago.”

Velvet Scarf = Mikasa’s scarf given by Eren

Old Book = Armin’s book about the outside world

Blue Jewel = Erwin’s captain bolo tie

Thick Goggles = Hange’s research goggles

White Linen = Levi’s cravat

Cream Shirt = Connie’s shirt with sleeves torn off

Brown Boots = Jean’s military boots

Steamed Potato = Sasha’s favorite food




Hi, everyone!

This is my first giveaway so please pardon the awkward text, but anyways.

I’m going to be giving away one of my copies of Unplugged 2014, featuring Himchan’s card. (Yes, that means it’s been opened, but it was only to see what photocard.)


  •  You don’t have to be following me, but it would be nice.
  • 1 reblog is one entry, 1 like is one entry = 2 total entries allowed. (Do not use multiple blogs to enter.)
  • No giveaway blogs, please.
  • Mickey Tsum is not part of the prize, sorry.
  • Winner will be chosen by a number generator.
  • Giveaway is open to everyone in the world, so long as you’re willing to give your mailing address to a stranger.
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  • Love Himchan. Don’t trade him. That is all I’m saying.

START DATE: monday, august 11, 2014 12:00 AM
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Winner will also receive a set of BAP cards! ^^

ble random sketchhhh

ble random sketchhhh

I finally cleaned up my askbox ahhh I just kept some requests I really want to do ε-(´∀`; )

I’m sorry to anyone who sent me something to draw and I didn’t do anything about it! I’m still sorta blocked on art and since all of the requests were anime-based and I haven’t been so into the fandoms than I used to, so I don’t think I would do them well. I really am sorry about it, hopefully I will gain again some passion for animes and draw adorable fictional dorks once more!!!

amazing artists acknowledging ur art more like crying eternally

when is the next eremika smut feast?

I don’t know! I still need to decide whether to actually do it or not :)

For my friend Alex, who has recently made his debut! Please give him and his songs lots of support!

For my friend Alex, who has recently made his debut! Please give him and his songs lots of support!

kim himchan is ruining my life i wish he’d stop being such an attractive dork

kim himchan is ruining my life i wish he’d stop being such an attractive dork

I am gaining followers at the speed of the light creis thank you so much

100th anniversary of WWI, better celebrate with Hetalia. Smh at these people.

Tbh, it didn’t even come up in my mind man I’m such a fail orz